“Landlords working for landlords”

About Us

About VIP Properties

At the core, VIP Properties is an expert team passionate about managing and maintaining properties. Our team members are professional, knowledgeable, understanding and approachable.

We know how it feels to be in your position and that allows us a unique approach to this business. We help our clients save thousands of dollars in tradesmen’s fees and our firm approach to finances ensures that you will have only the most reliable tenants. If there are any issues, you can trust us to take care of it, paperwork included.

This approach and attitude to Property Management and Maintenance means our clientele stay with VIP Properties for the long-term, because they trust us to do the job well. We are just like you, landlords working for landlords, so let us take away the stress of looking after rental properties so that you can focus on the more important issues in life.

Above all VIP Properties works hard for you. We’ve even made the news for it. http://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/local-news/manukau-courier/297299/Broken-pipe-proves-costly

Victoria Brooker

Victoria started VIP Properties in October 2002 after leaving her job in a property trading company. When she started VIP Properties, her first priority was to run a business that also allowed her to be a mum. Victoria often says she could probably find easier jobs, but she wouldn’t get the same kind of satisfaction from them.

Victoria’s approach to property management, leads to happy landlords and tenants. Victoria takes a hands on approach to management. From the outset Victoria conducts a very rigorous tenant selection process. She also provides the tenants support in things that they may need. Cleanliness is important to Victoria and she emphasizes this to her tenants. For her it is important that the tenant have a happy healthy living environment, their bond is safe, and the landlords home is being well cared for. Victoria is not above rolling up her sleeves and teaching her tenants how to properly clean and care for a place if need be. It’s not something a  landlord may not often consider, but tenants are usually grateful for the extra support.

Another unique aspect to Victoria’s management style is the maintenance. As a landlord, it is important you protect your investment, and as a tenant it is important to have a home in proper running order. This includes a maintenance plan. Rather than responding to problems as they arise, she seeks to prevent them in the first place to reduce costs to the landlord. This is done by assessing short-, mid-, and long-term maintenance projects, to keep the property at its best. As an end result tenants get a well-maintained home to live in and landlords get a well maintained investment to grow.

Victoria strives to relate to both her tenants and her landlords, with a personal commitment to fairness in all situations. She treats every property as her own. As a property manager, Victoria is proactive and responsive, there isn’t a property in her roll that she doesn’t know the full history of.

When Victoria isn’t balancing work and her 2 kids she loves the outdoors and is an avid hunter and fisher. She is a motor sport enthusiast and loves adrenaline sports.