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VIP properties pride itself on its dedication to personalised customer service. We work within your budget to give you different price options, while personally advising you on how to get a final result you are happy with. We help you to make informed decisions before starting your renovations. We will personally hunt around for the best prices on fittings and furniture. Every job counts at VIP, whether the task is big or small, customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Here at VIP Properties, we believe in the concept of landlords working for landlords. Thus, you can entrust the maintenance of your property to professionals with the all the necessary experience and skills of a qualified landlord. This way, you can be sure that all the necessary repairs and issues will be taken care of promptly and for a reasonable price.

We are dedicated to providing the best customer service in repair and maintenance work, making us the most reliable provider of maintenance services for properties in Auckland. VIP Properties has the expertise to help you make the most crucial decisions prior to starting any repairs or renovation work on your properties. Our staff will personally look around for the best prices on furniture, fittings, and other materials.

We treat every job seriously, whether it is a huge maintenance project or a small renovation or repair in Auckland. Hence, you can be sure that your satisfaction is our main priority. Complete the form on this page to get a quote, or call VIP Properties at 09-279-7456 or 021-314-545 to personally speak with one of our friendly team members. You can also contact us for a free consultation on management.


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