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Property Investment

Property Investment Auckland

Get in touch with VIP Properties if you are interested in property investment in Auckland. We assist landlords in determining whether properties investments for their profile. With our help, you can easily choose the right properties to invest in and make sure that they are desirable and cost effective, in the long run. Our team of experts are passionate about maintaining and managing rentals, and you can count on them to understand your needs.

When landlords decide to realise a property, it can be offered to other landlords to prevent agent fees. Hence, sellers can get a better price, and buyers can purchase more affordable properties.

VIP Properties has a team of professional, knowledgeable, and approachable experts in property investment. With their help, investing in properties can be easier and less stressful. We can assist you in finding the right tenants and take care of all the paperwork and possible issues for you.

Contact VIP Properties to see our full list of properties. One of them could become one of your high-quality investments. Call 021-314-545 (mobile) or 09-279-7456 (phone) for more information, or complete the form on this website, and one of our friendly team members will get back to you shortly.

This division assists landlords to determine whether potential investment properties are cost effective or desirable, for their portfolio.

Where landlords decide to realise a property, this can often be offered to other landlords thereby avoiding the necessity for agent fees and resulting in a better price to the seller and a cheaper price for the buyer.

In addition when we hear of well-priced properties these can also be referred to interested landlords.

For a list of potential property investment opportunities please contact us.

Investment Property Listings


18a Trimdon Ave, Manurewa, Auckland Asking price $210,000


28a Oratu Place, Manurewa, Auckland Asking price $275,000


82a Shifnal Dr, Manurewa, Auckland Asking price $280,000