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You can find a great selection of rental properties here at VIP Properties. We are property management experts in Auckland who can make it easier for you to find and list rental properties online. Our expertise allows us to demonstrate homes for rental, perform credit checks, locate properties, and check references. This way, we can guarantee the highest possible quality in properties, document preparation, and the arrangement of tenancies.

Check out our huge network of the best value properties that you can rent in Auckland. Many renters choose us because of our excellent services. We have the skills and resources to properly maintain all properties, maintain and upgrade their condition. Our friendly and approachable team can solve any problem that may arise in the rental properties we handle. We endure that all rentals look great and can attract the best tenants. We have helped many of our clients save money in tradesmen fees, and our stern approach to finances guarantee the best tenants for your properties.

Learn more about the properties listed on this page, or read the testimonials to learn more about what our clients and renters have to say about our services.

This division provides the service that a tenant requires. Location of properties, demonstrating homes for rental, checking references, doing credit checks so that they can be considered as possible tenants in a property, arranging tenancies and document preparation.

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